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This is a collective effort being made here which does value and require your important inputs.

Suggestions and feedback would strengthen our faith and motivation, so welcome one, welcome all.

Please send us a mail with your inputs at our official mail id or Just fill up the form given below.

Eager to have your insights on our sincere effort.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

16 comments on “Your Valuable Feedback

  1. i think i would have done some good deeds to be blessed to have attended the 12th Short term course on Guru Granth SahibJi. The lectures were very enlightening from enlightened souls in pin drop silence environment. The peculiarity of the course is that participants develop a craving to join the next one. The course initiates an active interest in participants in Sri Guru Granth sahibJi. The realisation of “Gurbani is jag mein Chanan” starts descending.
    Kudos to S.Harjinder Singh Ji for organising this wonderful course. May WAHEGURU bless the course, S.Harjinder Singhji, Enlightened souls delivering lectures & participants.
    The endeavour deserves appreciation by one & all.
    – a participant of 12th short term course on SriGuru Granth Sahib Ji.

    • Thanks M.P.Singh Ji for your kind words of appreciation. We sincerely wish more students get benefit from this course in the coming session too starting from June 2011.

      Short Term Guru Granth Sahib Study Course,
      Gurmat College

  2. Sat Sri Akaal,

    Since last two years I was wondering to join this course. I am so excited today that finally I got myself admitted into it :). I ‘ll be attending the first class on 19th Nov, 2011. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Thank you for posting videos on youtube.
    They help me understand the relevance of gurbani in today’s society.

    M Singh
    from Canada

  4. waheguru jika kahlsah waheguru jiki fateh.
    I am wondering when the youtube couses will be available with english subtitles to avail those unable to hear or unable to speak Punjabbi..

  5. Sat Shri Akaal Ji !!!

    I am Harpreet Singh Nayyar along with my friend Rakesh Kumar, wants to enroll ourselves for “Short Term Guru Granth Sahib study Course”, which would be starting in May 2013.

    Please let us know that can we do our registrations online, if yes then please share the link ; otherwise please enroll ourselves and we will pay the Registration Fee of Rs.150/- each on the day 1st of the beginning of the course.

    Please confirm the same.

    Thank you !!

    Harpreet Singh Nayyar

    • Dear Harpreet Singh Ji,
      Since there is no online process so you can easily get yourself registered on the very first day of the 17th session on 25th May 2013 only.
      Thanks & Welcome to the 17th session.

  6. waheguru ji ka kahlsah waheguru ji ki fateh.
    I am Sikh and interested to do short term course but unable to read Punjabi. Can I do course in Hindi/English.

    Jitender Singh

    • Dear Jitender Singh,
      This is a lecture based course which is more related to listening rather than writing and the lectures can easily be understood sinces they are are mix of Punjabi and English with more emphasis on Punjabi. So you can easily join it without any doubts and are most welcome in our next session.

  7. Sat Shri Akal Ji,
    All praise to your efforts. I always thought that I had to go to Punjab University or Patiala University to learn more about Punjabi, Punjabiyat and Gurmat. But it’s really a blessing to be able to learn so much being thousands of miles away. I have so much to write and explain, but all I would say is that It is an honor to listen to all the teachers, as I would say Scholars and they have not only spoken RIGHT and True of Guru Sahiban and Mariyada but explained very nicely. Listening to you have strengthen my faith in Sikhism to completely a new level. I could relate myself in so many topics and I always wanted to start such an organization that could teach or answer the questions of today’s youth. But I couldn’t even begin to crawl on that path due to lack of Proper knowledge.
    I would truly consider myself lucky if i can be a part of your efforts and be of any help to Gurmat College.

    Thank You.

    Wahe Guru ji tuhanu sada hi Chadi kala wich rakhe.

  8. Attending the 21st Session of the Course has really been a very pleasant and rewarding experience. Some of the faculty members are truly outstanding and were able to bring out the applicability of the teachings of the GURU GRANTH Sahib to the entire humanity. I am reminded of the comments of Noble Laureate Pearl Buck that the contents of GURU GRANTH Sahib “speak to a person of any religion or none” and also of another Noble Laureate Bertrand Russel that “if some lucky men survive the onslaught of the third world war of atomic and hydrogen bombs, then Sikh Religion and Granth Sahib will be the only means of guiding them.” The GURMAT COLLEGE needs to be complimented for its efforts in spreading – to again quote Bertrand Russel – “the splendid doctrines of this religion which has come into existence for the benefit of the entire mankind”. My best wishes to the College in continuing such effort

  9. WjkkWjkf..
    I want to learn about my guru Saheb with kirtan, Katha, etc. But I hv no option at near by gurudwaras of karampura, new Delhi. Wen I see this website. I feels hppy with my big lucky. But also feels sad it is so late, July session is past away. Can i register for this now? Or I wait for next year.

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