Our Vision


Society gives us a lot – Recognition, Relations and Respect. But, in the end what do we, as individuals give back to society?  We all focus on rights but what about our duties? Duties towards our country, community and culture.

My answers came through the ‘Shabad Guru’. As a child I woke up with the verses of ‘Japuji Sahib’, and slept with the hymns of ‘Kirtan Sohila’and my interaction with my elders, aunts and uncles revolved around  ‘Janam saakhis’ and stories of ‘Sikh Valour’. But, today – we wake up with MTV and sleep with mobile messages and online chatting. Where are we heading?

I realized that the present generation though very competent and professionals par excellence are going astray from our rich religious and cultural legacy. There is violence – verbal as well as physical. Joint family has given way to nuclear family, our vocabulary has moved from our’s to mine.  English has become our mother tongue and Punjabi as something obsolete. We all are blindly aping the west!

Gurubani, for most of us is  just going to the Gurudwara, having langar and recitation of  five banis – Japuji Sahib, Jaap SahibSavaiya, Chaupai Sahib and Anand Sahib in the morning and Rehraas Sahib and Kirtan Sohila as the evening prayers. This has to be corrected!

‘Guru Granth Sahib’ is not just Nitnem.. It is indeed a way of life – to be followed, lived and shared with humanity.

My humble contribution began 4 years back as the Short Term Guru Granth Sahib Course.

We finalized that Forty Two lectures would cover the total aspects of humanity covered by our revered Gurus. People’s appreciation and my un-flinching faith in Gurubani continued this journey till now.

The lectures explain in detail so much, as to:

What does ‘Religion’ exactly mean?

What is its Relevance in the present scenario?

What message was it that our Gurus brought for us?

What exactly do all the ‘Banis’ tell us?

How Gurubani is a torch bearer not just for the Sikhs, but for the entire humanity?

Guru Granth Sahib is a living example of peaceful co-existence, for it contains the Banis of Hindu prophets and Muslim Sufis along with our Gurus. It reiterates total abolition of caste, color, creed and religious boundaries.

I accept that it is beyond human capacity to totally comprehend what our Gurus said..Tu samrath vadda, meri mat thori ram”

But these lectures are part of my humble endeavor to bring back my youth and my people who have gone away from the Guru. Suggestions and feedback would strengthen our faith and motivation, so welcome one, welcome all.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

– S. Harinder Pal Singh

One comment on “Our Vision

  1. Most Rev. Gurmukh Piareo…..SAT SRI AKAL…….CONGRATS A BILLION TIMES ON YOUR MISSION….COMMENDABLE INDEED! …I submit to your excellency to invite Maj Gen SATBIR SINGH JEE (Retd) to share his views & be with your staff members (special beloveds of SAT GURU JEE) & offer him an opportunity to be with YOUR DIVINE GROUP radiating LOVE OF GURBANI. He was ZEE TV EKONKAR PROGRAMME on the topic of SUCCESS IN LIFE. I am sure you will find his company for a short time highly FRUITFUL . His tel no is 0124-2461416 (r) & he stays at GURGAON. You have to just convey your desire in person (phone) to him & he will feel honoured to respond favourably . He was senior to me in the ARMY…once upon a time……with GOD’S LOVE .

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