Short Term Guru Granth Sahib Course is run by DSGMC (Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee) under the expert management of S. Harinderpal Singh with a unique vision of spreading the divine message to all who have started their REAL SEARCH of TRUTH.

With the help of an efficient staff, the course is being held in the Conference Hall of MATA SUNDRI COLLEGE and the management is thankful for the support provided by the College authorities.

(Chairman, Gurmat College)

Gurdwara Mata Sundri Ji,
Mata Sundri Lane, New Delhi – 110002
Call us at : :+91 11 23237424-25
E-mail :,
Mobile : 09810239084

One comment on “Management

  1. waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji hi fateh

    sardar harinderpal singh ji

    tusi eni der de kithey chup ke bethe hoi si
    main tuhanu ik war live baki hun main net te youtube te tuhade lecture ate gude gian di gallan bina kisi lag labed de jadian manu sidiyan samaj aandiyan ne suniyan

    dimag witch record ho gayian ne . eni mahan sikhi khas kar ke punjabi lauangauge
    jo college witch pata lagian ne shayad is life is nahi pata lagniyan san
    tusi dhanwad to wi bhut jada de yog ho

    waheguru tuhade nek irade jalad sari kom witch bahut jaldi felaye

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