Gurdwara Mata Sundri Ji Complex,
New Delhi-110002.

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Mobile :  09810239084

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18 comments on “Contact

  1. I want to do this course and learn about Guru Nanak and her teachings. What is the procedure please tell me.


    • Dear Rajveer,
      Everything is already explained at the site regarding the Course and Procedure so please go through the site and all its pages and you will get all the info you require.

    • Dear Vijayant Pal Singh,
      Please discuss your sincere wish with S.Harinderpal Singh, Chairman Gurmat College at the numbers given in our Contact Page at any time between 2pm-5pm from Mon-Friday.

  2. dear singh i am very happy to join u but i want to know that i want to do full time course in guru granth shaib ji please tell the suitble collage or university tahnks

      • Thanks you sir,
        I am Mehdeep Singh as my brother was unable to come for the class , my and my mother attended the class ( The last three classes ) . It was a great pleasure to be right there , the lecture was amazing and all the things were very good.I request you to please don’t stop this course .
        Waheguru Ji Da Khalsa , Waheguru Ji Di Fateh!!

      • Thanks for your appreciation Harjinder Singh Gill and family.
        We will surely try our best to continue the course till eternity as per HIS HUKUM.
        Thanks once again and do spread awareness about this course in your surroundings too.

  3. Waheguru ji ka khalsa
    Waheguru ji ki fateh

    is there any way i can get contact email or number of Dr. Gursharanjit Singh.
    He did lecture on sidh gosht.
    Thoda bahut bahut dhanwaad.

    Mandeep Singh

    • Dear Kaursumeet11,
      At present the course is only available in Delhi. But for friends not able to join it due to various reasons including out of station one, we are regularly putting the COMPLETE LECTURES of the course at our Youtube Channel –

      And since this is a lecture based course only so you can attend it on the net too through these uploaded videos.


  4. Dear Sir,
    You are doing a great job to spread Gurmat in real perspective. All the lectures are entirely enlightening indeed. Congratulations to various lecturers for their efforts.

    I shall appreciate if you would kindly forward me Video- lectures on Sukhmani Sahib by Dr. Harbhajan Singh Ji on e-mail: His lectures on Asa Ki Vaar are superb.

    Kirpal Singh
    Wellington, New Zealand

  5. Hello.

    Congratulations everyone linked with this project it is one of the best sites I have been to, keep it up !!!. I also heard Dr. Jaspal Singh (Vice Chancellor) and I would like to get in touch with him, can you please send me his email and phone number so that I can ask some questions. Please send this to me as soon as possible. Thanks
    Pal Singh

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