The Course

In the picture given below (which can be downloaded by right clicking on it) is a brief description about the different topics and discussion covered through the tenure of this Short Term Guru Granth Sahib Study Course.


All these Lectures are covered within a period of 3 months with only weekend classes on Saturday (2.30pm to 4.30pm) and Sunday (11am to 1pm)

4 comments on “The Course

  1. WAHEGURU JEO ……..Wonderful are the contents of the course ………… I suggest , ” IN HUMBLE REVERENCE OF PANTH RATTAN BABA JEE , KAR SEWA , DSGPC, who left his mortal coil recently , you may desire to include in your course , 3 hours of CAR SEWA PROGRAMME as well ”
    Let us not forget that INDIAN ARMY DID AN EXERCISE OF TWO WEEKS IN RAJASTHA, in MAY 2011 when temperature was over 43 degree CENTIGRATE. KHALSA IS A BORN SAINT SOLDIER & without soldiering or KAR SEWA , he becomes a PANDIT who has been time & againg condemned in THE GURBANI . Khalsa Institution Leadership of your STATUS & STATURE needs to grow MORE SERIOUS towards training the YOUTH KHALSA……..I wish you GOD’S LOVE & GOD SPEED to succeed & enjoy THE INFINITE BLISS OF LOVE OF NAAM AS ENSHRINED IN SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JEE MAHARAJ…WJKK WJKF

  2. Today I feel I am a rich person – I found a ‘mine’ which doesn’t have one precious metal, but all the precious metals whose values can’t be assessed. I am using the word ‘mine’ not a ‘lottery’ or ‘treasure’ , because it gives me sense of feeling that I have to make an effort to mine these jewels, the more I will dig the more I will find and there are endless of them. This will make me a ‘rich’ man and I can show everyone, how beautiful ‘jewels’ I have collected. I will look at these ‘jewels’ and feel lucky and blessed.

    But the next question came to my mind ‘are rich people happy’ – will I take my collection – this wealth of ‘jewels’ when I go from this world. Will it give me happiness. Now I don’t know what to do with this new found ‘treasurer’.
    I know I will get great deal of satisfaction to let other know that I have this beautiful collection and will further feed my ‘ego’.

    My next thought is what was my life before I found ‘this gold mine’ and after I have collected ‘jewels’.

    It has changed my thinking. Sikhism does have relevance to my day to day existence. There are set of people who are dedicated and trying to give a different perspective to Sikhism. These set of people are not talking about ‘importance of 5 ks and Amrit Chakho’, but preparing people, that ‘I would like to keep my 5ks and undertake Amrit – in a very suttle way, by inspiring’ – this ‘Amrit’ is not the formal ceremony, but the blocked Amrit resource which is already within us and it needs to be unblocked and flow in the right direction.

    Specifically, I would like to thank Principal Narinder Pal Singh for his very inspiring lecture on ‘relevance of Sikhism related to our health’ – ‘we need to watch that our food is full of nutrients and effect of eating multiple different kind of founds together’. Another comment that ‘are we eating food, which doesn’t add any value to our body and it just gets added from one part of our body and after 48 hours, it comes out without making any impact on our health.
    I would like to take this ‘parallel’ – are we getting well ‘nutrient’ information, which makes a good impact on our day-to-day life or our spiritual life, or is it like eating ‘multiple kind of food’ and ‘it has very little or no impact’ into converting into ‘blood/energy’.

    I like the comment “my father who is 85 years old and wants to eat with just one ‘dal’ or ‘subjee’ – because it will be easy to digest and has given him longevity “.

    Let me get to my point. Maybe we need a simple messages from Sikhisms, which are packaged as ‘full of nutrients’ and which will have positive impact on ‘health of ours and society we live in, in our/society’s day to day life.

    Your organization has done a great efforts and has taken a strong and a unique step in the right direction. It is my humble attempt to express my thoughts . All the very best.

  3. Sat Sri Akal Ji Could you please let me know when is your next session starting so that I can enroll accordingly. Please also let me know the procedure to enroll, how, where, when? Is there any other link that talks about enrollment and give details on the next session. Shall be grateful to hear from you. Thanks and Regards

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