The College

Gurmat College is a non-profit institution running out of Central Delhi (address provided below), under the umbrella of DSGMC (Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee, where learned scholars, writers and lecturers share their experience, knowledge and understanding of Guru Granth Sahib and relative subjects attached to Sikhism.

The course is indeed a rare and exclusive opportunity for the thoughtful, not to be missed.

(Chairman, Gurmat College)

Gurdwara Mata Sundri Ji,
Mata Sundri Lane, New Delhi – 110002
Call us at : :+91 11 23237424-25
E-mail :
Mobile : 09810239084

9 comments on “The College

  1. Most Rev. Gurmukh Piareo…S Harinder Pal Singh Jeo….CHAIRMAN SIR…..Sat Sri Akal Gur Bar Akal….I am really happy to see your site & the challenge /mission/goal set by your institution . CONGRATS A MILLION TIMES. I wish to share with you my concern ,” DO YOU REGARD GURU AS GRANTH ?” OR ” DO YOU REGARD GRANTH AS YOUR GURU ? ” We must appreciate the POWERS OF LOVE & REVERENCE TO GURU FIRST by reciting JAPJI SAHIB (other bani for over 3 hurs wef 0400 hrs to 0700hrs ) & then talk of GURBANI. The pracharaks of today including those posted by DSGPC in various HISTORICAL GURUDWARAS OF DELHI, as observed during discussion on ZEE TV EKONKAR PROGRAMME , reveal very poorly…Reason is simple that they lack soldiering approach during their trainning…KHALSA IS A BORN SAINT SOLDIER & is not fit to preach if he does not sweat (OVER 2.5 LITTERS) in the morning 0800hrs to 1300hrs & again (ONE LITTER) in the after noon (1600hrs to 1730hrs) before REHARAS SAHIB , by doing CAR SEWA. I , as an old soldier ,DESIRE & MAKE A HUMBLE APPEAL to YOUR EXCELLENCY to appreciate my feelings favourably ….since you hold the reins of LEADERSHIP/SERVICE TO SAT GURU JEE in the CAPITAL of THE COUNTRY….I feel proud of you & salute your COMMAND………….no hard feelings & with due appologies……………………………WJKK WJKF

    • Dear Heather,
      Ours is a course held at New Delhi, India and that too only in Punjabi Language . So for the while you can search over the net for some other online courses about SIKHISM in English on few famous sites. I am sure you will get some there as per your requirement.
      Anyway thanks for writing in and Keep Visiting as we have a video section in the site too which might be helpful to you in your search.

  2. Hello,

    I would be very interested in learning about Sikhi, however my knowledge of Punjabi is little. Would you be able to put English subtitles in your youtube videos?


    • Dear Robert Smith,
      Its really encouraging to know that you are interested to learn about SIKHI and GURBANI.
      However at present we are not able to add any English Subtitles in the videos but would surely try for it in the near future.
      Thanks for writing in and Keep In Touch.

    • Please refer to my comments. If you would like literature in English, please let me know and I will gladly ship it to you from Canada.

  3. Can I assist you in an English translation of course as I to can speak but not read and write punjabi and believe it is my duty to assist our gurus in this minor of minor sacrifices when you compare it to the sacrifices our great gurus and living guru the Granth Sahib .

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